2020 Expo Exposed: Computaleta Launch GO DIGITAL!


Computaleta want to help our industry be the leaders in not just signage, but digital signage too. As such, Compulatela have launched a new product to help you do exactly that . . .Introducing GO DIGITAL SIGNAGE.

Go Digital Signage is an ‘out of the box’ solution that provides everything a signage company needs to quickly and easily capitalise on this growing market.

Go Digital Signage combines a Samsung commercial display, bracket, content management software, and hosting by an inhouse specific sever, all 100% backed by a technical support team with over 15 years combined experience in the digital signage field.

In APAC, digital signage is growing at a rate of 21% each year, and Dave Watts, Business Manager for Display Solutions at Computaleta believes the new revenue this presents for signage companies is untapped.

“The feedback we received from our customers over the past year has been that understanding the technology can be a barrier.  So, with Go Digital Signage, we have removed all the pain points and have made it incredibly easy.  Whether you are doing a Four Square, or Times Square, you can be successful.”

Go Digital Signage has an online portal for registration, and provides a range of training resources, to enable easy uptake by the broader business community, for both resellers (signage trade customers) and their customers (end users).

“We are the only Samsung distributor in our industry, and we will not sell direct. We want to develop this market in unity with our resellers. If we are not providing the answers, then IT and AV media companies are going to capture it and have that digital edge,” Dave says.

Covid-19 has escalated the digitisation of business, by driving companies to re-examine how they do business through digital channels, as these become more critical to success.

Three main priorities will define the customer experience post-pandemic: Digital excellence, safe and contactless engagement, and dynamic digital insights. Based on this, Digital Signage is poised for lift-off.

Arlette Farland, Director at Computaleta says there are numerous ways for sign companies to monetise digital signage: from hardware, hosting, to the ongoing creation of content.

“Signage companies are not ‘hangers and bangers’. They are value-add advertising experts that can build a brand at every touchpoint, in-store, and out.  Digital Signage is one such touchpoint, albeit a relatively new one.

“This solution is an introduction to the future. We’re making it easy for our industry because we believe the future belongs to us.”

Computaleta are hosting a FREE WEBINAR on June 30 to take you through three easy steps to provide this solution in your signage portfolio, register here.

For more information on transforming to digital with GO DIGITAL SIGNAGE, see HERE