Exciting changes Happening at PSP!

You may have recently noticed a new look to the PSP brand with changes across social media, in promotional material, with sales teams, and at their offices. This change signifies PSP’s growth and aspiration as a business and better reflects what PSP does, and how they do it – for their customers, partners, and team.

PSP Materials | Products | Solutions encompasses all that the business offers now, whilst giving scope to …  innovate and expand into the future. ‘Driving Innovation. Delivering Success’ is PSP’s motivation as a business and their promise to you as a valued customer.  PSP have always prided themselves on great service and exceptional product offering, and this will never change. Their updated brand identity only helps to celebrate and reaffirm this – with a fresh new look and a reinvigorated spirit.  Be sure to follow PSP Materials | Products | Solutions on their streamlined Facebook and Instagram accounts for all the latest news, promotions and updates from the team, or visit the website at www.psp.co.nz