Doing our bit for Motorcycle Racing NZ | Rules for Race Numbers

For those that are involved in motorcycle racing in New Zealand will know that there are standards for clearly presenting and displaying numbers on bikes.  A representative, Graeme Staples of Motorcycling Racing NZ has contacted the Association hoping to raise awareness and the standards of safety for this sport.   Graeme advises us that he would like to make available the rules and regulations around printing and displaying numbers on bikes to our sign makers, because if done right, it can make a huge difference to this sport with safety regulations, to the public so that they can clearly identify the competitors and for the commentators for easy reference during the race.

As sign writers, you may or may not be aware that there are specific rules around printing these numbers, so we have provided the link below to help you prepare your design and print files correctly and to standard.  We need to ensure that we are doing our bit to comply with Motorcycling sports rules and to ensure that the standards are consistent nationwide throughout New Zealand.

Here’s a link to the rules only 10.2-10.3b apply to the race numbers.—motorcycles-technical-(road).pdf?sfvrsn=2