NZTA published an Addendum to the TCD (Traffic Control Device) Rule on 24 March 2022 recommending (as it is non-binding) that there are no digital billboards on any intersection, anywhere within Aotearoa, or on any road with a speed limit over 70kmph (ie 80kmph and above).

A ‘billboard’ is defined as something that advertises goods and services not available within the site (ie third party advertising) and a ‘sign’ is something that advertises your goods or services (so size does not matter).

As a general rule OOHMAA (the Out of Home Media Association of Aotearoa) represents the majority of billboard owners and NZSDA represents the sign writing industry (though you can see how this policy by NZTA might start impacting even 12m large digital signs on car yards in the future that are not presently captured by the Addendum).

NZSDA have engaged a lawyer to represent its members on the pending Auckland Signage Bylaw changes (that are still in progress). OOHMAA are looking to engage Meredith Connell (already engaged by Digital Signs) to address the NZTA Addendum.

It is important that has an industry we keep abreast of changes that might affect our future growth, and that we lobby on changes that are unreasonable.

For any questions on the NZTA Addendum and how it might affect you please contact Dave Jaques from Digital Signs on 0274 715 734 or by email

NZSDA will update all members on the progress of the Auckland Signage Bylaw changes once we hear back from the Committee.