Digital Signs to become an industry exclusive supplier


In recognition of the special place Sign Makers hold in assisting their customers to create and market their own brand, Digital Signs has implemented a policy to only permit the purchase of their LED display products through an Authorised Stockist …..

LED displays are still a relatively new product for us here in NZ, but the demand is rapidly increasing as people look for new ways to promote their wares at the click of their fingers (and without cost).  While Digital Signs continue to actively market this fantastic new approach, all sales will be exclusively directed through interested Sign Makers.   So, if you would like to receive new business in your area then give Digital Signs a call to discuss your options.

When Digital Signs generates the business a 10% rebate will apply, but if it is your client you will receive a massive 20% rebate (usually around $4,000 per sale)!   Digital Signs are aware there are some Sign Makers who are not set up to install or connect LED displays to power or data, so if required Digital Signs will undertake the installation for you or with you.

As a special introductory offer, Digial Signs will assistance on install and configuration for your first few sales COMPLETELY FREE!

Digital Signs will continue to offer no deposit finance (including on any additional services you provide your client) and fully serviced lease options. Commissions will still apply regardless of the option used.

To become an Authorised Stockist of DS LED displays give one of our Team a call (0508 4 Video – 0508 484 336) and get us to email you some collateral to build a “LED Display” page on your website, and start making thousands of dollars from being a reseller of this flexible new technology.

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