It’s day 4 of being back into the workplace for many, so how is your Safety Plan working out? Is it in need of reviewing?
Your Safety Plan must provide effective implementation of COVID-19 controls and ensure the health and safety of employees with these changes made to the workplace .

To ensure you are minimising the risk of COVID-19 appropriately, and that your business can continue to operate safely, you need to consider the following questions. Your plan is a record of how you will achieve this.
Are there any risks arising from restarting your business or a business activity that has been shut down during alert level 4, and how will you manage these?
How will you ensure all workers know how and are able to keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19?
How will you gather information on the wellness of your workers to ensure that they are safe and well to work?
How will you operate your business in a way that keeps workers and others safe from exposure to COVID-19?
How will you manage an exposure or suspected exposure to COVID-19?
How will you evaluate, and continuously review, whether your work processes or risk controls are effective?
How do any changes impact on the risks of the work you do?

For more key points, Worksafe have put together things to consider in your Safety Plan, as well as a template, see HERE