COVID-19: The supply chain – Things to consider

Developing a cogent supply chain response to the coronavirus outbreak is extremely challenging, given the scale of crisis and the rate at which its evolving. Here are a few other things you should consider sooner rather than later:

• Assess critical supply components and identify origin of supply. Is there a secondary source?
• Know your suppliers, and if possible, map upstream suppliers, incase immediate suppliers are affected.
• Run outage scenarios to assess the possibility of unforeseen impacts. Expect the unexpected, especially when core suppliers are in the frontline of disruptions. Chinas influence is so wide-ranging that there will almost inevitably be unexpected consequences.
• Talk to suppliers about possible delays in supply.
• Investigate options for alternative supply, or alternative products that can be used to do the same job.
• Assess customers and whether shortages in supply will affect their businesses, and in turn yours, and the impact this may have. Communication is key.