Coke Leading The Way With 3D Innovation

Did you think LED displays were flat things that could only communicate by a 2D picture? Well you’d be wrong – Coke have installed a 3D LED billboard in Times Square taking customer interaction to a whole new level!

If you happen to be lucky enough to be wandering through Times Square, New York, then you had better pay attention to where you’re walking or the fully 3D moving LED billboard installed there by Coca Cola might catch you off-guard.  Have a look at this video CLICK HERE and make your own mind up.   Not only have Coke turned their mind to the visual message they’re wanting to send, but they are also giving further impact by physically moving the modules (clusters of LEDs) at the same time.  Do you like the ripple affect that goes through, matching the shape of the famous Coke ‘buddy’ bottle?

This project did cost quite a bit of money and it took quite a bit of development time (we know, as we have a relationship with the LED supplier).   However, this is just an example, you don’t have to go to quite that expense to still get a fantastic result in the marketing assistance you give your client. To speak to one of our team on what we can do for your client please call or drop us an email on