Cohesive’s Conference Takeaways

Sustainability is a priority everywhere you go and the New Zealand Sign and Display Industry is no exception. With the focus of the NZSDA conference firmly on Sustainability Cohesive were proud to …….  speak among the group of sign makers and suppliers at the Industry Advantage session.

After this session and spending time throughout the conference talking to many NZSDA members about sustainability, we had four key takeaways we wanted to share in this month’s sustainability Snippet:

· Sustainability is undeniably everywhere you look and is a priority in almost every industry.

· Many agree that our industry is not truly environmentally sustainable, but if we all continue to strive for better, we will make it more sustainable and that is the journey we are all on – striving for better!

· Demand is being driven by the end user, with their demand change is fed back up the manufacturing pipeline and change happens. Talking to your customers and finding out what their sustainability demands are and feeding that back to your suppliers is how we can keep change occurring.

· From PVC-Free, to recyclable or recycled media and programs of all natures, there is a growing range of programs and products available that support a journey to sustainability within our industry.

To add to our sustainability-focused offerings, Cohesive is proud to have launched our Sustainability Hero Grant Program at the NZSDA Conference and we are excited to continue to support your sustainability journeys. To find out the full information about this program and to apply head to