Cohesive Sustainability Snippet | March | Going PVC Free

PVC is an extremely versatile plastic and for that reason it is highly popular and one of the most produced plastics in the world. PVC is used across a wide range of uses and industries, including being widely used in the Sign Industry.

While PVC is a great material that many of us use on a daily basis, it does come with the traditional environmental downsides that come with many plastics. As well as the modern concerns around using plastics, many companies are looking for ways to reduce their waste, carbon footprint or simply to become more environmentally friendly in their everyday choices and because of this demand for PVC Free products is booming across the world.

Many manufacturers in the Sign Industry have seen this trend and are now producing PVC Free products and developing more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Cohesive is proud to offer PVC-Free films and laminate from ORAFOL, that support the PVC Free demand without you having to sacrifice performance on projects.

Speak with the team at Cohesive about how you can try the PVC Free range for yourself.