Cohesive Sustainability Snippet – August

Sustainability is at the front of our industry’s mind and Cohesive are here to provide you with some simple sustainability snippets each month. Small things you can do to make a change to impact the world in a better way and to provide benefit to your business.

Cohesive’s Sustainability Hero Program

Sustainability is a priority everywhere you go and the New Zealand Sign and Display industry is no exception.

Cohesive are your partners in business, from supplies to business support and we want to support the work you’re doing to make your business a more sustainable operation.

Regardless of if you’re up and running with sustainability or you’re just getting started we are here to help with customised grants for sustainability.

As with sustainability journeys we recognised your needs will be different from one person to the next, which is why we created the programs support to range from financial to resource support and most things in between.

Our aim with this initiative is to create an environment where barriers are removed and change is enabled in our industry.

We know for a shift to a more sustainable future we all need to take our first steps and we need to do it together which is why this program is so important to us at Cohesive.

Regardless of if you have a program up and running, in mind or you’re just interested in taking a first step towards sustainability, get in touch with us and we will be excited to explore what we can do through the Sustainability Hero Program to help!

To find out more and to get support from this program contact your local Cohesive Account Manager or our customer service team.