Are you making money from indoor signage?

Not all sign writers have found out how they can make more money from inside signage than they can from outside signage!  Do you want to find out if you are providing the best solutions to your customers, then here are some handy hints ..

It seems that only a small portion of sign writers are getting involved in retail shop fit out work and you may just be missing out on the ‘low hanging fruit’ (money easily earnt).   Do you all realise that every piece of writing and branding in a retail shop fit out is actually work done by the signage industry?  With the exception of a couple of specialised areas like the raised resin decals or the backlight vacuum formed acrylic, but what about all the rest?

LED displays have recently come down to a price point where they’re about the same cost as large television screen (per square metre), but the LED displays last longer.  A retail television set should last up to around 3 years with a commercial grade set up of around 5 years.   A LED display (being the full matrix product manufactured by combining the separate modules into a custom made cabinet) have a far more superior operating life spanning 8-10 years (100,000 hours is going 24/78).  An LED display can be placed anywhere a TV can for example a checkout, back wall or window.

Since the LED displays are not prefabricated, there is no restrictions like traditional TV sizes.  When it comes to quoting retail spaces, it is highly recommended and encouraged to use up all of the available window/wall space, or to go for something with a bit of character to make a difference to stand out – like a banner or a strip shape.  All this may take a little more effort to put together the graphics or video, but the end result is so stylish and is well worth it both for your client and your business.

Check out this video where the screen is turned 45 degrees to give a diamond effect:

Tell your customers to become more sustainable, show them how you can provide an effective, digital advertising platform or environment for them that will stand out.  Make yourself some extra money during this cold winter by staying indoors and being an expert sign marketing adviser!