Welcome back to work and to the Chinese Year of the Rat!

The Chinese regard 2020 as a year of “fortune and personality” because the rat is regarded as clever, successful and quick thinkers. Luckily, we make it easy for you to be clever and make super natural profits this year thanks to what is now possible from the advancements of LED displays.

“LED Displays” can be indoor full motion video walls or bright, outdoor, fully weatherproof signs. Either way, the latest revolution – giving customers a completely ‘blank canvas’ that they then can manage themselves has arrived!

Lessen the time spent giving your client graphic design advice without lessening the impact!

In both the indoor and outdoor space there is no need to drill down the precise ‘look and feel’ your client is wanting to achieve when you supply them an LED display, let it speak for itself!
Just work out where you’re going to put it and what size it should be.
An LED display is really a blank canvas that your client can put their logo, sales messages or product pictures on anytime they want.

And that’s it? . . . I’m sure you can see the novelty of always finding fresh content to go on that screen slowly fading. Why not step up and offer your client a weekly/monthly Content Management Subscription and put all your graphic design skills to work and keep their screens fresh and alive at the same time?

At Digital Signs we own our own software which means for only $1/day/site your client can control all of their screens (including their TVs) from home or office, or even their mobile phone, ensuring the right content is on everywhere it needs to be.

Due to popular demand, and strictly for a limited time, we have extended our massive 50% off special until the 31st January, to give you that last chance to buy something super cheap to promote yourself to all your passing customers.

This year I predict an equal growth in both indoor (video walls and window displays), outdoor (own-use and large digital billboards) and portable (trailer and trolley mounted) LED displays. The prices have come right down and you can now get a fully interactive LED display on either no deposit finance or on a fully serviced lease for a lot less than you may think!

As a company we are behind the industry more than ever. We’ve taken on the largest stand available at the Expo coming up this year. We have such an increasing volume of enquiries coming from most areas in NZ, so we are looking for more resellers to partner with (we’ll give you our leads as we do not sell to the public). Give one of our Team a call if this is of interest to you!

I have another trip to China on the 10th of February and I’m looking to bring back some 1-2mm ultra high resolution seamless join product as well as the semi-transparent ‘louvre’ line so if either of these interest you make sure you let us know later in February.

All the best for a prosperous 2020 you clever wee sign writer you and look forward to talking with you all soon.