An Update From Digital Signs

We are well and we hope you are well, but the last 4 weeks have not been easy.

We just wanted to share inside our bubble so you get to know us better, and to encourage you sharing your experiences.

We are only a small team of 10 (excluding contractors). We also had 2 new staff join us during Level 4 so they had the unenviable task of learning their job and our culture all from their home!

The first 2 weeks everyone was in shock, seeing the ends of their driveway, but knowing we were not allowed to go out there, like we were on Home Detention or something. One of the sales staff put forward a “best time for 5 kilometres” and that gave us all something to focus on, but I suppose in the second 2 weeks it just all got a bit too hard for most?

New sales inquiries were crazy! We had 16 good quality leads from our website during Level 4 from businesses wanting to market themselves through to commercial property owners wanting to diversify their income by having a digital billboard installed. Being 100% wholesale we of course passed these leads on to our Exclusive Resellers. It would be fair to say some of them were not expecting us to be calling offering work!

Hopefully like you we survived Level 4. The bank was $100,000 emptier but at least we still had our jobs, some orders to fill, and pieces to then pick up again.

We got straight into a massive double-sided 6m(w) x 3.2m(h) on a single pole (11m into the ground) outside Hoyts, Wairau Valley, Auckland, and we tried a ‘kitset assemble on site’ approach (which worked very well). We can now ship any size billboard to anywhere in the country in boxes (no over-dimensional trucking) and confidently know it can be assembled with just a cherry picker and a socket set so that worked out good! A special thanks to Sign Formula for the super quality tree trunk bark wrap over a difficult galvanised pole surface.


As part of Paying it Forward we’ve given all advertisers free ads for 2 weeks and have 350 Auckland businesses taking us up on that.

From our bubble to yours we sincerely hope your business and health have not taken too much of a battering and that together we can slowly work together to rebuild our economy. We’ve extended our 50% discount offer for the rest of this year (to sign writers for own-use only). We have about 40 billboards going up in various towns throughout NZ this year so if you would like a complete free (no strings) ad for a few weeks or more when they go up please do let us know.

Kia kaha and it’s great to be part of a wider group such as NZSDA members.