An Update From Digital Signs: People won’t pay big (ordinary) money but they will spend

We asked people to pay the going rate for digital advertising but 99% said “No”. Once we dropped it by 66% they started to say “Yes”. Read what we think of this here:

We launched the large double-sided 6m digital billboard outside Hoyts, Wairau (Auckland) in April (in fact the boys completed putting it up during Level 3 while staying 2m apart!)

We just knew that no-one would pay to go on it so decided to “Pay it Forward” and give the space away completely 100% for free. That worked a treat and 420 individual businesses really appreciated the chance to get out there and say they were alive and open for business.

Not sure about you but as much as we’d like to, we can’t give all of our stuff away for free so there did come a time when we had to ring those 420 people and ask if they would like to pay to stay on those screens.

We have a very unique offering in the large digital billboard space in that we sell the advertising slots for only $1/ea and do not force people to buy a week’s worth for $5-10,000.

If you have 1 ad every hour (24 per day) but you do not have to pay for the middle of the night, this will only cost you $18/day or $126/week.

Well we went around all those very nice 420 people and knock us over with a feather but only NINE wanted to pay to stay on?!

We thought about it as a Team and came up with a massive 66% discount bringing that price down (until 30 September) to only $30/slot/week (very similar to the cost of Facebook advertising). We blow me down the phone started ringing hot again!

The moral of the story:

  • People are hurting
  • No-one has any money, and those that do need to keep it
  • We all need to advertise to let people know we’re alive and ready for business
  • But we have to keep our prices super low for the time being until things return to normal.

Our new sites in Christchurch (Pages Road, Aranui and opposite the Casino in Victoria Street) as well as our Auckland sites are going super good. If you have any clients that want to spend as little as $30 to advertise to their local community that they are open and ready for some more business then give one of our Team a call right now (0508 4 Video). If you want to even advertise yourself then jump on board – you never know you will likely be able to talk one of our guys into giving you some of that space completely for free (especially if you are an exclusive reseller with us).

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