An Update from Digital Signs: How do you spell busy, busy, busy?

As a company our hearts go out badly to those that have lost their jobs and the sectors that have suffered badly as a result of COVID-19 (anything with an international market component). Luckily for us, we’ve never been busier and nearly every place we’ve gone, they’re all busy too! We’re disappointed the NZ Sign Expo could not go ahead this year as we wanted to catch up with you all, but we understand how important it is that it was postponed until next year. We wanted to show you the new ultra-high resolution indoor products we have (sharper than a TV but any width you want, and zero ‘join’ lines). We also wanted to show you the hi-brite outdoor ‘semi-transparent’ that now allows you to do great big signs even over a shop window, without limiting any of the natural light that comes in!

Most of you will know we’ve invested heavily into the resource consent side of our business. The Traffic Safety and Urban Planning stuff was mostly completed at the end of last year but we’ve just received the legal opinion from Grant Illingworth QC on when councils can require you to go through the lengthy and expensive process of public notification.

If any of you have a job you want to do, but you thought it might get pushed back by your local council, then give us a ring as we’re very happy to share the information we’ve learned with fellow Members.

We’ve had a HUGE uptake in Members wanting to sign up as Exclusive Resellers with us (please see our website of the growing number in all parts of NZ). If this is of interest to you please give Debs a ring on 0275 765 426 (or We get on average 10 fresh inquiries each week to buy or lease digital screens and of course we have to give preference to our Exclusive Resellers so if you want a slice of this pie then get on to it now (before you forget!).

We’ve also just completed the purchase of Halo Media (on our billboard advertising side). They had HUGE digital billboards at Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland and 65 Victoria Street, Christchurch CBD. Again to support fellow Members if you would like to advertise your business on either of these COMPLETELY FOR FREE, or put some of your key clients up there, then give Stu a ring on 0275 805 684) or email

We wish you all the very best as the dust continues to settle and if there is anything we can do to help you please let us know.